About a year ago, while deploying a very large cloud based call center from one of the Gartner groups upper right quadrant companies, Amazon announced AWS Connect! That was the day the disruption of all you ever knew about call centers changed forever!

Most Call Centers, especially cloud based providers, have a platform that supports thousands of clients, all with different call center requirements. Most of these providers have partnerships with other companies that provide additional call center functionality like Speech Recognition, text to speech, Artificial intelligence, Voice Analytics, chat, email, and social media integration.

Typically a cloud provider can NOT make a feature available to you unless it is available to all the other folks on the same platform as your company. You share everything, maybe even data that you do now want shared with other companies!

Each of these feature also increases the agent desktop license fees that each of these cloud providers extracts on a monthly basis from each company that makes use of their cloud call center platform. The average agent license fee is $140 for a basic seat. Did you want recording? Chat? Email? SMS? Salesforce integration? Each feature adding to that base license fee ending with an average agent desktop license fee of $280 a month per agent. In a call center with 50 agents that could be as much as $168,000 per year in license fees alone, before you take your first phone call!

What would happen if there was no license fee? What if you only paid a modest .018 per connected minute for your call center? What if you had your own Cloud Call Center instance that you shared with nobody else but your own enterprise teammates? What if you had access to all the “bells and whistles” like natural language interfaces and artificial intelligent call routing without going to some third party provider?

AWS Connect is a game changer in the Call Center space and you need to take full advantage of this powerful technology! ConnecPath is here to help you design, deploy and operate AWS Connect call centers! We can help you take full advantage of the “Lego” like approach AWS makes available to building out a call center that meets your exact requirements and you pay only for what you use!

ConnecPath is an advanced agent or supervisor dashboard that augments the based AWS CCP (contact control panel) with a feature rich “pay as you go” license free dashboard!

The Modern Business Communications landscape will be littered with the bleaching bones of those companies that fail to realize the benefit of an AWS Connect call center using ConnecPath.Cloud as the customer experience manager!