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The Customer

OneSky Flight is an aviation portfolio consisting of an array of
industry private jet travel solutions to fit any need. OneSky
Flight's portfolio of aviation companies includes Flexjet, Sentient
Jet, Skyjet, and Sirio in Europe. The companies of OneSky have
one thing in common: “we fly people privately”.

OneSky Flight is part of Kenn Ricci's Directional Aviation
Group, headquartered in Richmond, VA and services customers

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OneSky Flight required a contact center solution that would be able to scale with their very unpredictable call volumes. Thus, they inquired about a pay-as-you-go model as traditional license-based solutions would not allow them to be as elastic as their business volume. OneSky also wanted to have omni-channel capabilities to provide their customers with the ability to choose how and when to initiate an interaction. Moreover, Zendesk integration was very crucial to their business and tight integration was required to provide agents with realtime up to date information about their clients via a screen-pop. OneSky also needed to have the standard business oversight with robust dashboard and reporting.

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The customer deployed Amazon Connect initially and realized they still required some additional features and custom functionality. CloduHesive advised to use ConnectPath as an integration to their Amazon Connect instance. With ConnectPath, OneSky was instantly able to provide the call control for the agents and the supervisor visibility which was required to better manage their contact center. The additional visibility for supervisors included call recordings, call transcriptions and sentiment analysis. Another important feature is built-in reporting that ConnectPath offered which enabled supervisors to effectively manage and monitor contact center. These features are all standard in the ConnectPath platform and OneSky was able to realize benefits within first few days of deployment. The CloudHesive team worked directly with OneSky Flight to configure and improve Zendesk Customer Profiles and set up the AppFlow Connection to Zendesk. Zendesk was integrated into ConnectPath to screen pop the relevant customer information for the agent based on a matching phone number in Zendesk.

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The deployment of ConnectPath platform was used to extend Amazon Connect into an omni-channel solution for the customer. It provided robust reporting and dashboards for both the agent and the supervisors. The integration that CloudHesive built for OneSky Flight improved the agent’s productivity and efficiency by saving them the time to enter information back into Zendesk. Instant information at the agents fingertips allowed OneSky to elevate their customer experience and attract more business. OneSky has been extremely happy with the ConnectPath platform and CloudHesive’s ability to integrate their internal systems.