Amazon Connect Lets folks text a request for call back!

Is Call Back from Queue really that smart an option?  One of the current strategies for managing a customer interaction while waiting in queue is to offer a call back when an agent becomes available. This option is offered to the caller while in queue which means they have already wasted their time, your resources and you have substituted and “abandoned call” for a call back. Have you ever considered the impact on your call center stats? After all, the caller is still in queue increasing the call holding times. This strategy may be better than having someone get more aggravated while waiting in queue for the next available agent, but is there a better strategy?


SMS or Send a Request for Call Back?

Most enterprise deployments have a website with a contact number or email address. Others have a chat link. Still others have a smartphone app. Why not create a “request a call back” link or text number? If a caller has the option to send a text message to your business with a simple keyword like “call me”, “technical support” or “customer service” then you could automate at reponse and put their phone number in the call back queue, without wasting anymore of their time. Different keywords could target different call back queues. You might even send back a text message that indicates “you will be called back by the next available agent”. With a bit more work you could even send back a message that said “we will call you back at in approximately 10 minutes”. There could be other confirmations and options like scheduling the phone call for a specific time, or allowing the sender to change the call back number.

Amazon Connect CX improvement

With Amazon Connect and a few AWS services this scenario could be added to your call center very easily! Generally, we can do create this solution on a per queue basis in a couple of hours. Give us a call and we can set this for you.