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The Customer

The mission of ATL311 is to provide the public with easy access to all City of Atlanta government services and information, while also providing quality service that emphasizes Accountability, Responsiveness, and Efficiency. They are a diverse workforce that provides a centralized point of contact to their vibrant business community, visitors, and constituency. Their vision is to be the City of Atlanta's world-class customer service center, creating, supporting, and sustaining the community through easy access to all city services. The goal of community response services is to allow residents to report non-emergency issues such as substance abuse, mental health, and/or poverty. ATL311 is the point of contact for these non-emergency service requests and has direct line of sight to the mayor of the city.

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The City of Atlanta needed a cost-effective solution that was able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the community. They also needed a solution that was easily administered and provided omnichannel capabilities and scale as events in the community dictated.

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The customer initially deployed a bare-bones Amazon Connect instance but feedback from their users warranted additional functionality that would require either custom development and ongoing maintenance or expensive third party addons. With ConnectPath they had a third option: a customizable, low-cost platform that continued to evolve to meet their needs.

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The deployment of the ConnectPath platform was used to extend Amazon Connect into an omni-channel solution for the customer as well as provide a platform for the continuous deployment of features to the customer. It provides robust reporting and dashboards for both the agent and the supervisors with rich role-based access control. The solution that CloudHesive built for this municipality improved their usability and was customization to meet the needs of over 2 dozen departments. Not only have they been pleased with the solution and support of the solution, but they have also battle tested the solution through major weather events that impacted the city.

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Technologies Leveraged

• Amazon Connect
• Contact Lens
• ConnectPath CX
• Calabrio
• Custom development