Real time or Historical Report?

If you think about reporting there is a fine line that separates a «real time» display from a «historical» record.   It would also be wise to say «near real time» as even the mechanic of displaying data takes some small amount of time.   So then, where is the line that separates realtime from historical?   The answer for ConnectPath, is the time stamp issued when the call is terminated.

Below we describe both the revised Activity Reporting and the recently released «historical reporting» with video presentations of both.

ConnectPath  Historical Reporting

ConnectPath offers a fully featured Historical Reporting Engine complete with Scheduling, Exporting and Delivery Options.  Reporting has a range of canned options for date ranges and enables custom reporting ranges.  You can schedule reports once created to run daily, weekly or monthly.  Exporting can be CVS files that can be imported into most other data manipulation tools including Excel and Numbers.   Delivery options include email with PDF attachments.

Report Creation and Options

Creating a new report enables setting a name for your report and the choosing the date range, the queue and the channels (voice, sms, email, chat, announcements),  The reporting engine contains a custom «query» language, but there are a range of pre-configured search criteria that you can select for your report to include.  Generally you will select a channel, one or all channels, a date range and then apply your report filters.

Report Summary and «eye candy»

ConnectPath presents report information with «eye candy» in a variety of formats including pie charts, line and bar charts depicting both agent and queue details.  The report summarizes:

  • Contact Handled
  • Average Holding Time
  • Average Speed of Answer
  • Average Call Waiting
  • Number of Abandoned
  • Percent Abandoned
  • Number of Missed Calls
  • Percent of Missed Calls
  • Talk  time
  • Queue Time
  • Number of Holds
  • Hold times
  • Longest Hold Time
  • Average Mean Opinion Score

Call Quality Reporting

For the voice engineers out there, troubleshooting gets a bit easier with MOS reporting.  Calls are now tagged with a MOS score and you can now search for calls with below target scores.  This enables you to work through those complaints that we all get from time to time with no more detail than «it sounded bad».   Pick the exact call by searching for MOS and obtain the related CDR data, makes troubleshooting complaints a bit more detailed!

ConnecthPath Revised Activity Reporting

ConnectPath has always had an activity screen.  If you are an Agent you see your Activity and if you are a Supervisor or Team lead you see all activity of your team members.  Previously you would bring up the activity screen and it was all listed chronologically.  Filters existed for all the usual Call Detail Records (CDR) and included dynamic segmentation by Agent, Queue, Date, Disposition Code, Direction.   Drilling down on an an Activity exposes all the related information regarding caller (contactID), queues, agent and contact attributes.

ConnectPath enables LENS «keyword» search!

With the inclusion of Amazon Connect LENS technology in the ConnectPath dashboard, being able to «keyword» search the transcription became a mandate.   To enable this functionally ConnectPath created a new «query » language which also provides prepared queries but also enables custom searches.

Revised Activity Presentation

ConnectPath now expects you to set the Date, Channel and Search Criteria to pull back the Activity you are looking to review.  Selecting a search criteria enables you to quickly learn the query language.  Not selecting a search criteria beyond that of selecting a channel will bring back all the activity for that channel unfiltered, though you can then apply filters like queue and agent.

ConnectPath Flex Historical Reporting  Options

The ConnectPath reporting engine is bundled with subscriptions of at least 10 dashboards and is available through the AWS Marketplace with a 14 day «free trial.»  Optionally you can acquire a single dashboard that provides historical reporting, holiday. schedules, real time metrics and ad hoc queue closing for a fixed annual subscription price. ConnectPath will report all activities since the date of the subscription.  Optionally, if you have been streaming your contact records to your own S3 using the optional Kinesis streaming,  ConnectPath will report on that historical activity. ConnectPath is available in the AWS Marketplace and has a 14 day free trial period.