Why Transcribe a recording?

Transcribing a voice recording has many benefits beyond key word search!  Ever listen to a voice message and get frustrated that you have to listen to the entire message to find that one sentence you were looking for?  Image listening to hundreds of phone calls to find the content your are looking for.    ConnectPath now transcribes your recordings and also makes it possible for your to find the text you are looking for, then click on the associated time mark to be taken directly to that part of the recording.

The ConnectPath Activity List

ConnectPath maintains a database of all Contract Trace Records which are made available through the activity tab in the dashboard navigation.   The activity record reports:

  • Date and time of call
  • Direction (in, out or call back)
  • Channel (voice, announce, sms, email and chat)
  • Queue
  • Disposition code
  • Recording
  • Transcriptions (voice, sms, chat)
  • Agent

The activity screen can be filtered by any of the above data elements.