Monitor All Queues in Amazon Connect?

One of the challenges that you have as a supervisor, is how to monitor all queues in the call center without taking a phone call or negatively impacting stats!   Generally, you can see the status and activity of the queues you are a member of.   You can play games with routing profiles setting up a profile with very high priority and overflow wait times, but that only kills your stats as you are now a resource in those queues!   ConnectPath has release a new feature that enables you to see the activity of all queues regardless of your membership status.  You can also perform any queue operation without being a member of that queue.   In Security settings we added a new switch that enables this feature by class of service: admin, agent, call center manager or call center quality analyst.


ConnectPath Real Time Display

ConnectPath has several unique real time metric widgets that significantly increase call center monitoring and analytics.  For example «Live look» lists all the callers in queue, by queue along with their Caller ID.  Agent Availability displays all of the statistics about your agent teams from calls handled through Average Holding Times and Call duration.


ConnectPath is an advanced Agent Dashboard for Amazon Connect Call Centers and is available for free trial and subscription through the AWS Marketplace.