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The Customer

Morris Global Group, Ltd. ("MGG") is an international healthcare software and medical
technology master distributor and marketing agency representing only ‘best-in-class’

Their formula for success is the ability to grow client’s product lines in new international
markets. Over years, they have built strong long-term relationships with their vast network of
Powered by distribution partners across the globe to sell high quality products into the distributor, enduser, and retail channels.

Morris Global Group’s latest innovative software platform, MCJ, utilizes Artificial
Intelligence and a proprietary database of over 2 million cancer patients and their treatment
outcomes to better inform the oncologists of those who are newly diagnosed. With a 96%
probability, MCJ provides individualized survivability rates for each potential treatment path.
For the first time in cancer care, the oncologist has instant access to data to provide the best
possible outcome for the patient – and save the insurance company/payor 42% or more of
their annual cancer costs.

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Morris Global Group in an international company that needed fast deployment of contact center for their new teams who will be supporting and providing a Nurse on Call system to support MGG’s MCJ (My Cancer Journey). MCJ is a software platform and contact center for patient questions related to using their platform for cancer treatments. MCJ seamlessly blends high tech, real-world data and AI with high touch patient support, resulting in personalized, shared decision-making in cancer care. MGG's call center required monitoring and real metrics data dashboards for supervisors to assist agents on a day-to-day basis as well as provide the ability to service interactions in multiple languages and service patients from anywhere across the globe.

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CloudHesive built and deployed Amazon Connect and ConnectPath for Morris Global Group to meet their business requirements of multi-level customer support. ConnectPath provided Morris Global Group with more call control for the agents and a required granular visibility to supervisors to better manage their contact center. Because ConnectPath managed the call control on Amazon Connect, CloudHesive team was able to customize how a call flow was handled if an agent misses a call, needs to transfer a call, and even give a caller an option to leave voicemail with notification. Implementing ConnectPath also provided the functionality to the Agent to request assistance and Supervisors can use silent monitoring or whisper coaching to drive customer and agent experience.

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The deployment of the ConnectPath platform was used to extend Amazon Connect into an omni-channel solution for the customer as well as provide a platform for other custom features to be added. ConnectPath provides robust reporting and dashboards for both the agent and the supervisors. Global Morris Group has been extremely happy with the ConnectPath platform and CloudHesive’s ability to customize Amazon Connect and provide a go forward path for next generation patient and agent experience.