Forced Release?

When Amazon Connect  presents a call to an Agent that is not answered, the Agent is placed in «forced release» by Amazon Connect.   This is done to assure that the next caller does not have their time wasted by waiting for an Agent that might have gone home for the day!   Typically this requires that the Agent manually return themselves to AVAILABLE in order to receive the next call.   Now if the Agent missed the call, there is a good chance they will not note they are in Forced Release effectively reducing the workforce.

Agent Collaboration

ConnectPath has long enabled you to set the default behavior on «forced release» to follow the after call work (ACW) timer, but this new feature adds the option to the existing Agent collaboration panel.  The Agent collaboration panel enables Agents to voice call or IM each other with out either an active call, or running the call center meter.  Calls through the ConnectPath Agent collaboration panel happen in the dashboard and are include in your subscription at no additional charge.