The AWS Ecosystem

AWS is a remarkable ecosystem with a wide variety of advanced services to fit any requirement you can imagine!  From Artificial Intelligence, to Speech Recognition, Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things, AWS has a solution.   This is the same set of infrastructure solutions that supports Amazon the big «shopping chart» in the sky!  In fact some ten years back, when Amazon went looking for a call center solution to support the business, they could not find one.  So they designed one themselves.  Today, that same call center infrastructure supports, over and 70K agents in 35+ countries around the world.  Now how is that for a call center?

Why Amazon Connect

Over the years we have been focused on VoIP based call centers from ShoreTel, Mitel, Avaya and CISCO and have literally worked on hundreds of deployment throughout the globe.   In 2017 we made a decision to focus exclusively on Amazon Connect. Why?  Because we believe that ultimately Amazon will eliminate the need for call centers that are built a committee basis by vendors who need to band together to meet client call center requirements in the 21st century.     True, Amazon Connect may not have work force management or staff forecasting today, but we are betting they ultimately will have it!   Why bring in yet another vendor to get voice analytics into your call center, when AWS has transcription, comprehension, and translation services immediately available in the AWS cloud ecosystem.  In fact this is now all packaged up for Amazon Connect as LENS!

We bet that Amazon will continue to run the table and the ongoing need for third party vendors to fulfill call center requirements will continue to diminish.  Amazon Connect will continue to benefit from AWS services and call centers will be limited only by the imagination of those that implement them!

Where does ConnectPath Fit?

ConnectPath is a solution that takes the best of AWS services and packages them as a subscription service that eliminates capital outlays for software engineering.   We think that you would spend upward of $50K to implement the features that a basic ConnectPath dashboard has already implemented.   We are expanding our horizons with new features all the time, becoming the «low cost, high performance» supplier of a customer experience manager optimized for Amazon Connect.

Here is a presentation we recently did unedited and with questions form the viewer. It should help you better understand our view of how ConnectPath fits in the wonderful and exciting world of AWS in general and and Amazon Connect in particular.

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