ConnectPath Omni-channel contact center powered by Amazon Connect – Feature Tour image

ConnectPath Overview

ConnectPath is an omni-channel contact center powered by Amazon Connect.  You can add ConnectPath to an existing Amazon Connect contact center or the ConnectPath team will provide a complete solution including design, deployment and ongoing support.  ConnectPath enables you to spin up a complete contact center in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost because the minimum daily adult requirement for contact center functionality is already built out in ConnectPath! No need to fund the invention of the wheel!  ConnectPath is your “no code” solution.

The following video clips walk you through the key features of the ConnectPath dashboard!  ConnectPath supports the latest architecture of Amazon including TASKs which today enable ConnectPath to provide Text (SMS/MMS), Email, Fax, Chat and Voice!   ConnectPath enables agent to agent collaboration, supervisor monitoring, historical reporting, recording, transcriptions, selectable caller ID for outbound calls, the ability to turn recording on and off and a range of new features is being added quarterly!

ConnectPath Billing

ConnectPath is available through the AWS Marketplace as a subscription and is billed at .003 per logged in agent minute.  Amazon Connect has a meteredd rate of .018 for the basic contact center service, brining your total estimated usage, absent of other services, to .021 per minute.   Billing is through AWS and will appear as part of your normal AWS monthly bill.   We calculate ConnectPath based on a model of a 480 minute per day 8 hour agent shift.  Using a standard 21.7 day month and a 12 month year, ConnectPath has an annualized rate of  approximately $375 per agent per year.   We offer a discount for annual prepayment of subscriptions.    Please be aware that if you are using ConnectPath only for Historical Reporting and Real Time reporting, you are still charged for all logged in agents even if they are using only the standard CCP.  This is because ConnectPath is still monitoring and processing the CTR’s of all logged in users!   ConnectPath will still report the status of all CCP users but those users will not have all ConnectPath features.

ConnectPath Navigation Tour

ConnectPath Agent Collaboration and PBX functionality

ConnectPath Real Time Metrics

ConnectPath Engage Portal

ConnectPath Activity Search

ConnectPath Historical Reporting

ConnectPath Directory

ConnectPath User Management

ConnectPath Settings – User Preference

ConnectPath Settings – Holiday Schedules and Ad Hoc Closing Options