The Customer


Percepta is a global customer relationship organization that manages all forms of contact with clients’ customers, prospective customers, suppliers, and distribution networks. They have positioned themselves as customer contact specialists, managing all aspects of the contact experience. From its inception, Percepta LLC has specialized in creating customer loyalty to its clients across the globe. Delivered exemplary service on multiple channels, delivered in multiple languages and provided an accelerated time-to-value for their customers. Percepta delivers world-class service across markets globally.


Percepta LLC realized that they needed an agile solution that can scale with their ever-increasing customer demands when transitioning a large automotive client to Amazon Connect. Percepta turned to CloudHesive for their expert knowledge, guidance on best practices and exceptional support. Percepta's requirements included configuration of security profiles, quick connects, agent status indicators and hierarchies for ease of management. Additionally, their desired customer journey included a deep-dive into their customer experience and required a different approach to their traditional contact center models.


To meet the needs for Percepta’s client contact center, CloudHesive recommended Amazon Connect with ConnectPath integration. Amazon Connect is an affordable and easy to use solution that covers all the needs of the contact center. However, ConnectPath, on the other hand, is an enhancement for Amazon Connect. It gives agents and managers exceptional experience of everyday tasks and the ability to efficiently serve the customers. ConnectPath’s collaboration dashboard delivered insights into their contact center and delivered this information to the supervisors. Access to the agent's key-performance was crucial to successfully manage their high-volume contact center. ConnectPath also provided supervisors to keep track of agent activity and be able to join the call when support is needed for coaching and quality monitoring purposes.


ConnectPath is a full-featured agent dashboard for Amazon Connect that helps Percepta’s client contact center to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, and make data-driven decisions that improve performance. ConnectPath together with Amazon Connect allows automotive companies to scale quickly and easily based on their business needs. Amazon Connect and ConnectPath are services billed on a payas-you-use basis which results in lower costs than traditional contact center solutions and the ability to scale as the need for seasonality arises.