Amazon Connect as a CRM Solution?

ConnectPath has expanded the functionality of its existing engagement and activity modes to include a range of “CRM Light” features that significantly increase the functionality of the dashboard.    These new features enable agents to add call notes to every contact record.  On both inbound and outbound customer engagements, a list of all notes and activities for that contact appear in the ConnectPath dashboard.  Not just the contact notes made by one agent, but all contact notes made by all the call center agents.  Notes include voice recording chat history transcripts, SMS and email contacts between the call center and the customer contact indexed by the caller ID.

Engagement Mode

The static activity that is displayed during the time the Agent is in the AVAILABLE mode is replaced during an inbound or outbound phone call, with an expanded activity screen that displays contact data for the current engagement.  This information includes the channel, contact, timestamp, direction (in,  or call back) along with a list of any existing notes for that contact.  The activity window now displays a list of existing notes and has a tab for the display of all related activities and a tab fo the display of all related notes.


The agent can click the related activity screen and bring up all activities associated with this contact record.  The agent can drill down for additional details by clicking any of the listed activities.


There is also a NOTES tab that will enable the agent to add notes based on the current contact engagement.   Notes are titled, free form and added to the contact history and made available on all subsequent engagements with the same contact by any agent in the call center.


Disposition Codes

At the end of the call, the agent is returned to the base activity screen and is offered the Disposition codes for that queue membership to tag the phone call further.  Disposition codes have long been a part of the ConnectPath dashboard, but are not enhanced by the increase note taking and activity searching options.


Enhanced Activity Search Options

ConnectPath has long had a searchable activity log, that provided call detail records, disposition codes, direction and links to retrieve recordings or chat transcripts.  These activity’s could be sorted by direction, disposition code, agent or queue and any recording or chat transcript could also be download.   This activity screen has not been enhanced to take advantage of the enhanced note taking functionality.  A dashboard user with permissions, can click on an activity and drill down further into the details of the contact.


The detailed activity screen now shows all relevant contact data, including contact attributes along with the voice recording streams and chat transcriptions.   There is an additional tab for Notes and Related Activities which can also be expanded providing a 360 degree view of the call centers engagement of that contact.


The voice recording is a split media stream that can be played back in total or by customer or agent media.   The ConnectPath dashboard anticipates the release of Amazon LENS for connect and will ease the introduction of transcriptions, comprehension and sentiment analysis.

Full CRM Integration

Smaller call centers might find that this functionality is all that is required to full-fill their CRM requirements.  ConnectPath, however, anticipates integration with popular CRM platforms including SugarCRM, FreshDesk, Microsoft CRM, Zoho, Zen Desk and Salesforce enabling full contact record exchange between platforms.   Additional details on this functionality, other ConnectPath features and Release notes can be found elsewhere in this blog along with ConnectPath subscription pricing.

ConnectPath is immediately available to all existing Amazon Connect instances.  Check the Free Trial option for additional information.