Update November 2019

We are pleased to onboard ConnectPath for you!  Just give us a call and we will schedule a remote install to help you integrate ConnectPath with your existing Amazon Connect Instance.  

We think onboarding the ConnectPath dashboard to your existing Amazon Connect instance is very easy for those comfortable with the AWS Management Console and Connect dashboard.  If you go at it yourself, please note the following key steps:

  • Watch the Onboarding Video
    • White List Dextr in your Connect instance as described in the Video
    • You must have a UNIQUE TOKEN provided by ConnectPath which is in your “free trial” confirmation email or provided by the Dextr team!
    • You must use CHROME BROWSER!  IE and Safari will NOT work as they do not support WebRTC.  Firefox might work, but for onboarding use CHROME!
    • You must be logged in to your Amazon Connect Instance as the instance administrator before clicking on the TOKEN link in the same browser, different TAB in which you are logged in to your Amazon Connect Instance as the instance administrator!  (Amazon Connect Admin Login in one browser TAB, Click on Token in the same window, but different TAB)
  • Add the Lambda Functions to your Connect Instance as described in the Video.
  • There are a few features like Live View, Ad-hoc closings and Holiday Schedules that require you to add a couple of Invoke Lambda functions to your contact flows.  You will find sample contact flows here!
  • Download the ConnectPath User Guide!

Note 9/9/2019 – We are continually improving the functionality of ConnectPath.   It is not longer necessary to name the recording bucket as this is now handled by Kinesis Stream.  The new on-boarding procedure will create five new lambda functions in your AWS Portal:

The function that you must add to your contact flow is the AddCall function for “live look” and Schedule for looking up Holidays and Ad-hoc closings.    After you add all of these functions to the Amazon Connect Dashboard under the Contact Flows you will need to place Invoke Lambda Function for schedule before your Hours Check (check for holiday or ad hoc closing) and the addCall function after you set the queue and before your transfer to queue (live look in real time metrics).

ConnectPath now creates a Kinesis stream as part of the CloudFormation Template run during the Onboarding process.   NOTE: – “Remove Caller” Lambda function is no longer used and has been replaced by the new Kinesis Stream.

You need to head back over to your Amazon Connect Instance Dashboard and click on Data Streaming.  You now need to add the newly created Kinesis stream to both the Contact Trace Records and the Agent Events.