What is a Disposition Code?

Disposition codes have long been a key part of an Agents post call work flow.   What is a disposition code?  At the end of each call an Agent is presented with a drop down list of quick codes that can be used to tag a phone call with a useful status.   Some examples might be “left voice message”, “Canceled appointment”, “set appointment”  and “Ring No Answer”.    These codes are used to “tag” the call and in ConnectPath they are searchable.

Free Form Disposition Codes

ConnectPath provides the ability for an Agent to enter a text string in the disposition code field.    In fact ConnectPath will allow you to either enter a 12 character text note or select from an existing set of predefined disposition codes.   This provides a great deal of flexibility and enables the Agent to customize a more meaningful tag than may have been made available.

Where to setup Disposition codes in ConnectPath

As with all features in ConnectPath, setting up Disposition codes requires that permission be available in the ConnectPath dashboard of the person setting up this option.   You will find Settings and then the General TAB, and scroll down to the Call Disposition section.  You may have to switch this option on, then click the + Add Call Disposition button.

You will also note the “allow custom input” option. Sliding this on, will enable an Agent to add a custom 12 character free form text note.    Clicking the +Add Call Disposition and a new configuration window will open.  in this example we are adding LCBR for “left call back request” a common tag for a completed phone call.   Once you name the tag, you can then select which Queue the disposition option should be offered.  This enables you to make Disposition codes unique to each queue as not all groups share the same options!

As noted in our blog on activity pages, the Disposition codes are searchable and reportable.     Let us know what other options you might like to see in the ConnectPath Dashboard as we are a customer driven development team!