I do not want to wear a headset all day!

One of the first new features requested by ConnectPath Dashboard users was the need for headsets on WebRTC calls.    Knowledge workers who are not necessarily in a boiler room type call center, are not nailed to their desk and headsets.   When there is an incoming call to an Agent in a standard Amazon Connect deployment using the WebRTC based soft phone,  the “ring” may not be heard if you are not wearing your headset.  This was a problem for some workers and the ConnectPath development team set out to offer several solutions

Every ConnectPath dashboard user may not have all the permissions that an Administrator user may have.  ConnectPath features are all permission based and each Agent desktop is setup by the Supervisor with necessary permissions to do so.  Every ConnectPath dashboard, however, has a “Preference”  tab.   The preference tab enables an individual agent to establish comfortable settings for their own desktop.  This tab enables the agent to set either the Soft phone or a Desk phone as the end point for an incoming call presentation.

The individual Agent Preference settings!

If the Agent selects the use of a soft phone, they can then set the output device and the ring tone!  They can also set a back up ring tone for incoming calls and they can set the ring tone for other types of media.  For example,  the agent can set a ring tone for an incoming chat request or a voice call from a fellow team mate.

Set your output device for audio

The Preference tab also enable you to select the output device.  Selecting this option will display all the audio options available on your computer.   If you have speakers on your computer, you can select this as your output device.  Incoming calls will now use the ring tone and the output device selected to alert an agent of a new call presentation.  This frees the Agent from having to wear a headset all the time.