Most requested feature for Amazon Connect?

Most contact centers have a CRM or other intranet resource that brings critical customer data elements to the Agent on call presentation. Generally, these are web based application and use a browser as the primary interface. Webpages ofter list phone numbers. Would it not be useful to be able to click a phone number on a webpage and have your Amazon Connect call center dial that number? Imagine the time saving efficiency of this option! No additional keystrokes required to copy and paste, just lick and call!

Business Growth with the Help of Free Click to Call Button on Website | by Free GPBX | Medium

ConnectPath Click to Call

ConnectPath has created a Chrome Extension that enables any phone number displayed in the browser regardless of browser tab, to be clickable. The phone numbers are normalized and converted to a URL. When clicked, the phone number is copied and installed in the ConnectPath Engage softphone awaiting the Agents click to dial! The Extension checks to see if ConnectPath is loaded and ready and if not it auto loads the application.

Do I need ConnectPath for this to work?

No! If you have an Amazon Connect contact center, let us know and we will give you a “click to call” package that will enable this functionality to work with your out of the box CCP softphone.