One of the most requested features of folks using AWS Connect as a call center, is the ability to set a Holiday Schedule. Call Center Supervisors also want the ability to have “ad-hoc” team meetings in which they want to close a specific Customer Service Queue for a brief unschedule time slot. Ideally both requirements would also enable you to setup a custom prompt to let callers know why and for how long you will be closed.

AWS currently does not have a simple way to do either of these basic call center tasks! ConnecPath provides a solution for all three requirements. You can set a Holiday, including half days, which are always a pain for all administrators. Or you can setup a quick team meeting using the same scheduling interface as ConnecPath uses for Holidays.

A ConnecPath administrator will have a link to the scheduling tool. Just log in and set the date or dates and the time. Select the Queues you want closed (all are selected by default). You can even setup up a TTS prompt so that you have a custom greeting for the specific holiday you are closed for! “You have reached us when we are closed for the Summer equinox and we will reopen tomorrow”.

Team meetings are handled in much the same way. Log in, set the date, the time and enter your custom TTS prompt “We are closed for a brief team meeting and will reopen at 10AM.”

This is a standard feature in the ConnecPath portal and one that most folks absolutely demand for a serious call center. We offer a 30 minute a month “free tier” so there is no reason to to give ConnecPath.Cloud a try!