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The Customer

Peace Hills General Insurance Company has been serving Western Canada since 1982. They employ over 200 employees, who work with over 478 independent broker offices across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon Territory. Peace Hills mission is to be a unique insurance company that truly cares. They are committed to best serving the communities in which they operate.

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Peace Hills needed a contact center solution that was cost effective and could support some of their unique business operation’s needs. They wanted to deploy Amazon Connect but had additional features they required such as having over 700 Quick connects for their contacts, being able to customize specific features that ride on top of Amazon Connect like forced releasing agents if they miss a call. Peace Hills also required a more holistic view of their contact center environment with dashboards and reporting that were intuitive, easy to share and customizable.

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The customer deployed Amazon Connect initially and found they still required some additional features and custom functionality added to the environment. ConnectPath was then deployed onto their Amazon Connect instance. Once ConnectPath was deployed it helped provide the call control for the agents and the supervisor visibility required to better manage their contact center. The CloudHesive team was then able to custom develop a solution into ConnectPath to allow over 1100 contacts to be imported into their ConnectPath deployment. Because ConnectPath managed the call control on Amazon Connect, the team was able to customize how a call flow was handled if an agent misses a call whether that be a forced release or placing the agent back into a ready state. These types of custom activities can’t be done directly in Amazon Connect and ConnectPath solves these use cases.

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The deployment of the ConnectPath platform was used to extend Amazon Connect into an omni-solution that fit the customer need while providing a platform for custom features to be added. It provides robust reporting and dashboards for both the agent and the supervisors. The solution that CloudHesive built for Peace Hills Insurance improved their usability and was customized to meet their business needs. Peace Hill Insurance has been extremely happy with the ConnectPath platform and CloudHesive’s ability to customize their Amazon Connect deployment and provide a go forward path for next generation innovation to drive a great customer experience.

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Technologies Leveraged

• Amazon Connect
• Contact Lens
• Custom development
• ConnectPath CX
• Amazon Connect
• Lambda
• DynamoDB
• EventBridge
• S3