Team Collaboration Panel

One of the benefits of a Dextr agent dashboard is the “team collaboration” option.   Generally, unless you have an active phone call, Amazon Connect does not support an Agent calling a team member.  In the Dextr dashboard, not only can you see the status of your team mates, you can open a voice call or a chat session with a team member!    The “team collaboration” display is a a collapsible panel on the right side of the dashboard.  It shows the status of all the team members assigned to the same queues as you.

Dextr Chat and Voice Call

Dextr has PBX telephone features built in that enable you to setup a voice call or chat session between agents.  If an agent is logged in and they are in the same queue as you are, you can right click on the agent and select an option to add them to your favorites, setup a voice call or open a chat session.  This is a very useful feature set when agents are in environments in which they need to collaborate with each other.  Help Desks are typical use cases.

Supervisor Monitor and Coach

If you have the required permissions you can right-click on an active phone call and you will see additional options to monitor and coach and agent.  The coach is done as a “whisper” and the caller does not hear the voice between supervisor and agent.