Forced Release

In most call centers, when a call is presented to an Agent, if they do not accept the call, they are marked as “forced release”.    This requires that they manually return to “available” if they are to continue taking calls.  This strategy makes sense as there is not need to waste a caller’s time ringing an Agent who may have left their work space.    ConnectPath has always provided a solution to this scenario for folks that do not appreciate the manual need to reset the agents state.  ConnectPath will enable you to follow the After Call Work (ACW) timer.

Supervisor Control of Agent State

ConnectPath now adds yet another option in which a Supervisor can manually reset the Agents state from any state to any other state.  In the video below, we have two desktops with the Supervisor on the left and the Agent on the right.   The agent is in a missed call state.  The supervisor simply clicks on the Agent in the ConnectPath collaboration board and resets their state!

ConnectPath is an omni-channel Agent dashboard and Customer experience management portal design exclusively for Amazon Connect call centers.  ConnectPath enables you to conserve the capital that you would otherwise be spending in software development and professional services to achieve the feature set that ConnectPath provides for less than $1 a day. As an AWS portal that front ends your Amazon Connect instance, there is nothing to install or maintain.    Each ConnectPath dashboard enables the following feature set on a permission basis:

  • Voice, SMS, Chat, Email routing
  • Queue routing for all channel
  • Real Time Metrics for queue and agent
  • Queue status by caller id including call back queue
  • Historical Reporting with query language, scheduling and email delivery or URL link
  • Agent to Agent voice and IM collaboration
  • Agent status and timer
  • Supervisor Help
  • Ability to push messages out to the Agents by Queue
  • Supervisor control and ability to change agent state
  • Disposition codes
  • Note taking on a per call per Caller ID
  • Holiday schedules with custom prompts
  • Ad hoc queue closing with custom prompts
  • Recording retrieval and playback
  • Voice transcriptions and Sentiment analysis
  • Chat transcripts
  • Activity archive for all channels with detailed content
  • Advanced Audio control and channel sound indicators by channel
  • Unlimited integration options
  • Bring your own Channel API

As an Amazon  Technology partner, ConnectPath is available through the AWS Marketplace.  So the question is spend several hundred thousand dollars to build these features out in AWS, or save your money and subscribe to ConnectPath?   Don’t have an Amazon Connect call center, we build then on time, on budget with the highest customer satisfaction scores.   Give us a call and we can walk you from concept to “go live”.